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Wiki Time!

Day Four and Five: Problem Statement: How, and why did, Michael Jackson use the elements of ethnicity to make a music video which so strongly affects our emotions?

Now, on the main page of your project page of your wiki, your group will have to do the following things:

  • Define, in kid language, what you think the question is asking you to do.

  • Look at the key words carefully, and think about what resources will help you get some information and where those resources are. List them.

  • Figure out who is going to find each one. That person makes a new wiki page off your main group page. The file name should be [mjresourcesyourname]  Those folks with the same name, but sure to put your last name as well.

  • Finally, think about any questions you need to ask to be able to get this part of the job done. List them at the bottom of your main project page.

Black or White U-tube Link:

Black or White Lyrics LInk:

Further discussions will happen on your individual MJ pages on the wiki.

Day Three:  Finding our MJ Groups and Linking UP! The use of colors and styles to figure out who is who and writing your introduction page.

Day Two  Discovering the Internet: Netiquette What are child and parent pages? How do I add pages? What is a history, changed pages…all the documentation? How do I get my own “family” ?

Day One: What is a Wiki? Watch this short video and let’s find out! Wikis in Plain English  Let’s play in our Wiki Sandbox! This is where you discover the many things you can do with a wiki before you have to do real work with them! Yippie! Humanities Course Web. Let’s learn to save in the right place, add colors! So easy to do.   

    Interesting Links: This has tutorials. This is the main wiki type that we are using with you.



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