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Action Research Project


What Are the Learning Theorists Evident in This Film?

Thanksgiving week, beginning the 21st will be 3rd Annual OMAET Virtual Film Festival, featuring "Comedian."Watch the film independently or synchronously. Past cadres have watched the film simultaneously while discussing it via AIM, TI or a similar technology. Then discuss the film in terms of learning theory (CoP, situated cognition, LLP, constructionism, etc...)

Watching the video was an interesting experience to say the least. Once I got past dear old Orney, (Man! He must have been hell in the classroom…whine, whinge, what about MY needs?) lots of learning theory examples started to crop up. Sue Wolff, in Infinite 8, and I joined up to do this one together and did a combination of Skype, Messenger, TI and video viewing to come up with the following. We found Vigotsky evident in the ebb and flow of the expert-novice (Cosby-Jerry), critical friends (Jerry, Chris Rock, the club owner) and adaptation and modification. Leve and Winger in the community of practice elements. Huge metacognition in the form of records, video, scripts and conversations in regards to reflective practice by Donald Schon and learning by doing a la Dewey. In short, there was a passel presented. I am curious though. Jerry produced the movie along with his manager- Shapiro. This was a fairly open look at the club scene. Aside from the exposure part for the people in the film, just what WAS the purpose these men had in getting this project off the ground. Made me ponder! 


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