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Create a podcast of 2 minutes in length. The podcast must be published online and capable of attracting subscribers. There are a wealth of resources at that may help you with the adventure. The right-hand column of the main page has materials I created for guiding the process. You may record and digitize your audio in all sorts of ways. The adventure allows for all sorts of creativity, personalization and diversity. The Ira Glass book, "Radio: An Illustrated Guide," can be invaluable.

This has been a long, tiring day really a fascinating exploration of various audio programs. While I already had I-Tunes, I have ventured into and muddled around with Audacity and Napster. I ended up using three sites primarily:  (from which I had down loaded,evaluated, and deleted a whole series of conversation programs);  which provided me the humorous bits in the middle of the podcast and were linked to the music I already had; and finally the program that saved my butt! Simple, easy to use for podcast novices such as myself, Propaganda at  Drag and drop format, clear visuals, simple add on transitions, and fairly dummy proof. At 49.95 for the full program, I am considering buying the whole thing. However, for this assignment, I went for the free 90 day trial download. It even does the .mxl file for you! Whoohoo! (I did, however, compare it to what Gary had in his file and delete some of the extra information they had.) The disadvantage being a verbal overlay saying this was a trial format put on top of one of the recorded tracks, so be prepared to hear that.  The tone is pretty satirical…mostly due, I suspect to really needing a vacation here in a few days. Just take what you hear with a grain of salt. :.>

Pepperdine Reflections-mp3



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