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Learning Adventure Two: Part One Is Ned Kelly a Hero? 9/22

If being a hero is being defined as putting one puts one self in harms way to help others, then, in regards to Ned Kelly, I believe one can argue a solid case perilous times lead to hard measures. If the situation is viewed from a classic man vs. society context, members of the government agency were markedly corrupt. They had no honor nor did they stand by the standards of the law they were to uphold. The social context of what constituted “lawfulness” stood suspect as were the situational ethics of the whole scenario. Given the tenor of the times, a lot of what Kelly did was heroic and honorable, when viewed within that social context. Australia, at that time, was a rough and harsh land. Social norms were not those of Britain, thousand miles away. The people in the outback had to react correspondingly. If my family and all that we had was a target, from my end, I would most willingly take up arms and go to fight. I would be as ruthless as I could. A base need for safety, as Maslow stated much later, brings about a certain state of being. I can appreciate the mind set having been in Libya in the midst of the Arab-Israeli war of the late sixties as a kid. As the country went into total lock down with looting and public hangings in the street, the men- fathers, brother and friends of the expatriate community gathered up what they held dear and went to the rooftops with guns, rifles and homemade kerosene bombs to keep the chaos at bay until we could be evacuated. 

Lawlessness has a culture all its own. And it is hard to judge what is going on from the safety of elsewhere and another time.   

Did this make Ned Kelly a hero? No. As a person he was an intense and dangerous man. To look at him at a young age and what he did, I would not call him a role model… whatever the time frame because the end result of his actions when beyond the bounds of me and mine. The greater good was not served, the corruption was not addressed nor changed. What it made him was a man, who had the dubious skills and cunning, who fought for what he held dear and was ruthless enough to strike a definite blow. Enough to call to the common psyche of that nation in its formative years. BAF 



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