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Technology is a seductive siren. With her quick access, animated gifs and standout graphics, there is the real chance that solid content and thinking is cast aside in pursuit of ever more bewitching forms of presentation. Yet, for me technology was not the end in itself but a way humans organize themselves to come to terms with the world around us. Technology must be a way to enhance deeper levels of understanding and a way to chart the journey through uncertain waters.

My Pepperdine trip spanned the 2005-2006 school year. This site served as the vehicle to document both the smooth and rough roads. Each leg was built up chronologically and can be accessed using the navigation bar to the left.

The Culminating Action Research Project Abstract

Attempting any new endeavor can be fraught with pitfalls. The start up of a newly established school is no different. Each comes with its own particular, and unique, problems with forming a cohesive community, which are exacerbated when the constituents students, parents, staff, faculty and administration are new. The purpose of this action research project was to discover how the organizational acculturation, and community building of the faculty, could be affected the construction of a school intranet site. The study was three pronged: to establish effective strategies for peer mentoring and coaching; to identify, and account, the variety of socialization and technological levels of the staff in the format of intranet structure; and to identify the time constraints such an undertaking would place upon me and the faculty. Of the items studied, the importance of effective organizational development strategies and practices proved to be the vital key to opening the door of sustainable faculty group identity.

Both the full main document and the appendix have been included. 


It was all about the journey.


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