Bridgette Fincher- Masters in Educational Technology and Leadership. 2006

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Summer '05

Fall Term '05

 Winter Term '06

Spring/Summer Term '06

Action Research Project


Spring and Summer Term

Both ED 667 and EDC 668 contain summaries of: posted questions, reading links, responses and follow up comments; artifacts; and transcripts from Blackboard, Moodle and TI session. The BAF initials at the end of a comment denote my own reflections as do bolded sections in book quotations.

EDC 667 Leadership and Educational Technology- Sue Tally and

Teresa Flynn


EDC 668 Managing Learning Technologies for Change Melissa Anderson

Book Discussions: May 29th: The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell. June 26: Linked: the New Science of Networks, Albert-Laszlo Barabasi. Perseus Books Group: 2002. May 15th: Crossing the Chasm, Geoffrey Moore. June 12:  Everything Bad is Good for You, Steven Johnson

 Case Study: The K-12  Sun Valley Junior High School



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