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Mentoring Summation

In some ways, it is very difficult to assess just how my mentoring has gone with my principal. Much has to do with the delicacy of the interaction and the seeming “two steps forward, one step” back kind of progress that has gone on. The projected goal was to help solidify meeting structures in regards the flow of information from and to her. This was met with uneven success. As posted in my blogs, while we would construct viable and very stimulating meetings together around the concepts of school climate, there were other times on lesser issues where she would not hold a meeting, change the characteristics and venue or add in a whole other issue that had not even been discussed! This still does happen but to a lesser degree. Also, she has started to use some of the language of organizational development when she is leading meetings, which does mean that there has been some transference. I will continue to have these types of conversations with her as they are integrally linked to my ARP process. I suspect that if I was able to post this summation at the end of the year, there would be more evidence of assimilation on her part. For myself, I have really learned that it is the mentee who sets the pace and the need regardless of where I “think” she should be. There have been moments when I have really have had to take the long view, (And do a lot of relaxation breathing!) to gain perspective a she choice had made and to be accepting that it was “what is” working towards a possible “will be” kind of thing. One of the fundamental changes that I saw in myself, not only in this class, but in reference to the whole ARP process is that leadership is more actions and example rather than talk. And calm is a wise, and emotion settling way, to go about things. I do have one teacher that I use as a critical friend at school. She monitors my interactions as I run meetings, how I interact with others, and the effectiveness of what I do. I use her as a sounding board for how I am going to handle key situations with my principal. While I am not being mentored by her per say, her mirroring allows me to get an outside perspective on what is happening. Being a good Southern lady, she helps me make accurate translations of the cultural undercurrents that form an invisible sub-structure to my mentoring process. She has told me that that she wants me to return in January to see just how far the school has come and what she has been able to achieve. But, the most telling thing, however, was the fact that she choked up and was teary when describing the characteristics of the Teacher of the Year award, as voted by my peers at school, before she called me to the stage. It was there…from what she said, that I knew she considered what we were doing together valuable beyond the scope of doing just doing the work and into the realm of a real relationship. And as we have talked about all this quarter, it is the relationship that matters the most.  



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