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Summer '05

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 Winter Term '06

Spring/Summer Term '06

Action Research Project


Winter Term

Both ED 639 and EDC 665 contain summaries of: posted questions, reading links, responses and follow up comments; artifacts; and transcripts from Blackboard, Moodle and TI session. The BAF initials at the end of a comment denote my own reflections as do bolded sections in book quotations.

EDC 639: Mentoring and Team Leadership  Paul Sparks

Mentoring Comments: This is an ongoing string of comments about specific questions posted in the class.

Music in the Mentoring: My personal mentoring philosophy

The Mentoring Process: A log of the mentoring relationship that I have established at school

  • Picking A Mentee

  • The Mentoring Plan

Let's Not Forget the Role of Passion...a Hedonist’s Take

Mentoring Summation

Ed 665: Curriculum and Technology  Jenn Murphy

*The Project Narrative and Documentation. March 5th

* 1. The 5th Grade Commercial UBD Plan and Whole Elementary Evaluation Rubric

*2. Link to a continuum assessment rubric that extends beyond the boundaries of UBD. Continuum of Assessment Methods. Dussault,Nicholas and Sargent, Judy. CESA 7 Standards and Assessment Center. 2005

*3. My UBD Project Assessment Rubric


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