"Development of the Musahino Plateau mushroomed after the Great Fire of 1657. Congested areas in Edo were cleared to make open spaces for future fire control. Displaced residents were sent out to suburbs and soon the expanded city needed more water. Lord Matsudaira was authorized the building of a dam on the Tama river twenty- five miles away."

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The Challenge 4-F and K-9 Group

The River Society Overview: The most common challenges in civilization were learning how to live with pollution, population growth and infectious diseases. As many different people started to live together in one place, many infectious disease were brought on as well. People used the place permanently so they polluted the area by using and wasting things. 

The Place Overview: We are going to talk about the Place characteristics of buildings, technology, and landforms and weather.  It is connected to a Place in a human and physical way. The landforms at the park were natural not man-made.  There were hills, soils, and rivers.  The hills were covered with grass. The museum was white and cool.  There were tons of houses. Practically all the sheds were by houses.  The train station that we went to was very small.  We saw the McDonald’s far away down the street where the train station was.  We also saw a Family Mart as we were walking to the station. For using technology, we saw a Suntory beer plant.  It was small and we saw train tracks and a dam.  There were many bridges too!


Kurtis and Bryan: How did roads change how people lived?


Gaby, Josh and Shoko: How did the climate change and why?


Alex V. and Len: Did the housing change over time and why?