"The Tama river used to be an angler's paradise. At that time, fishermen gathered on the river banks to catch ayu, a river fish which lives only in cold, clear streams. Areas along the middle reach of the Tama river such as Konae are known for the many ancient burial mounds attesting to pre-historic settlement."

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The Opportunities 4-F and K-9 group.

The River Society Overview: There were many different opportunities that river civilizations offered. One opportunity was to be able to specialize in something such as language, food, symbols, tools, and weapons . The tools of the early river civilizations were very important because civilizations developed each tool for specific tasks. Also related to specialization, was that the people of the Indus River Valley Civilization not only attained a certain degree of monetary wealth, but they also attained high social rank as well. The Indus River Valley clearly had a well organized central government because they had shared water knowledge, a well-laid out city and a granary. Some other technological developments were pottery, writing and agricultural advancements.

The Place Overview: We are going to talk about the Place characteristics of clothes- all people wear a kind of clothes in Fuchu; jobs-most people have jobs except for the unfortunate people of Fuchu; tools that are around Fuchu; and art, even though, it is a small part in Fuchu. It is connected to a Place in a human way. In Fuchu, there are lots of clothes made out of cotton.  There were different patterns and different types of cloth.  The skiers wore ski clothes.  The bikers wore very tight clothes.  The guide in the museum wore blue guide clothes.  Kids wore shorts and t-shirts because it was very hot.  Boys wore caps. Everyone wore shoes to protect their feet. As for the jobs, we saw farmers harvesting grain in the fields.  At the entrance of the museum, there was a guide passing out maps.  And on the way, we saw the train conductors on the trains we rode on.  At the beginning, we saw a sales lady selling snacks and souvenirs


Nicole and Briton: What were the special jobs in the villages?


Kevin and Nathan: How and why did Fuchu become a rich city?


Nina and Maria: What was their pottery used for and why?


Justine and Uka: How did bringing in Chinese ideas change how people lived?

bulletKeenan and Alex: What different forms of art were there?