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Water Walks in the Suburbs of Tokyo. Enbutsu, Sumiko and LeBourgeois, Mimi. That's Corporation. April 2000

To order copies, please contact Sumiko Ebutsu, 1-28-8 Sakurashimmachi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 154-0015 or Mimi LeBourgeois e-mail:

Dear Bridgette,

Of course the students may quote our book in doing their web page.  I do hope you will use the name Water Walks  however, and thanks for putting it in the bibliography and giving us credit.  We need to be on more web pages!!  I know how hard it is to find such historical information, because I had trouble myself.  Good luck to your students, and please let me know how I can access their web page.

Best wishes,Mimi Le Bourgeois