"Two brothers, Shoemon and Seiemon, were hired to design the dam and the Tamagawas Josui system to serve the south and the western parts of Edo. Irrigation canals criss-crossed the plain and agriculture thrived. Rice, buckwheat and barley fed Edo's growing population."

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The Problem 4-9 and K-9 group.

The River Society Overview: River civilizations had to deal with many problems of which many were related to agriculture. A big problem that river civilizations had was their dependence on agriculture for food and their livelihood. Intense physical labor was needed for this kind of civilization. Bad weather certainly affected their lives.

The Place Overview: In this paragraph we are going to describe the Place characteristics of types of soils, of plants, animals, and the climate of Fuchu. It is connected to a Place in a physical way.  We walked on cement  and saw sand at the river. An uncle touched the dirt and a dad stepped on pebbles. We saw seashells on the ground. We crushed a wood chip. A mum sat on a tile, a dad threw the rocks and we brushed the red brick. Our group saw in the musuem a pig-buta. We saw lots of cherry blossoms-sakura, fish- sakuna and some pigeons-hato. I saw a fossil of ominight and coral. We saw weeds-tanbo and sensitive plants when we walked on the river. In Fuchu, it barely rains. Itís sunny almost all the time. It is sometimes cloudy.  It gets hot easily but it only snows in winter.  Itís cold only in the morning


 Katerina and Stephanie: What are the variety of plants and animals that are found in Fuchu in the past and now?


 Hana and Sylvia: What kinds of farming tools did they use and how?


 Samuel and Clair: What kinds of crops did they grow and how?


 Hiro and Robert: What were special events connected to the harvest?

bulletSascha and Chris: What kinds of fishing tools did they use and how?