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This project will wrap up our study of volcanoes and earthquakes while serving as a way for your Tokaido clan to work together. It will help you cement your researching skills that you learned in the Latitude Project. The week of April 28th to May 1st, we will be working in the library at school using the encyclopedias and non-fiction books. The week of May 6 to May 10th, you will be writing your report and putting the finishing touches on your volcano ready to bring it in on Monday the 12th.

 At the end of this project, you will have:

  • A written report, of no less than one page of double spaced 12 point font writing, done in paragraph forms about the volcano questions listed below.

  • A full bibliography of at least two non-fiction, two encyclopedias and two web pages that you looked at and followed the research process for.

  • At least two pictures that you inserted into your paper that goes with your information with the correct documentation underneath as to where you got your information.

  • And a 3-D model of your volcanoes with a size no bigger than 15 by 15 inches square.

Key Questions 

  • What are the various plates and faults that occur in Japan? (Describe them so that a person who doesn’t live in Japan can understand it.)

  • Where is your volcano located? and what kind of volcano is it?

  • What kind of volcano is it? (Give a kid description about the characteristics of that specific kind of volcano and give clear examples from the one you are studying.)

  • What effect did the volcano have on the people around it?


Researching Process Grades

Work Habit Check List:  This is worth two grades for your behavior in the library or in the classroom for the days that you researched.   

Behaviors                               1st  Two Days      /15                      2nd  Two Days  /15            

Sat with and worked with your group during researching time.

Paced yourself so that you did not rush through your work but you did get finished efficiently.

Did the assignment you were assigned for each day efficiently.

Kept social talking to a minimum.

Helped others in the group when they needed help.

1            2            3  




1            2              3  


Encyclopedia, Non-fiction and Web Searching Grades. For these grades, I looked at the chart you filled out as you followed the steps for finding information for each of these areas. I looked at the modeled areas we did before you searched, to see if you were able to correctly write down examples of the steps you needed.

  Search Process Skills    Encyclopedia       /12        Non-Fiction    /12         Web Search       /12 

The model was correctly done.

Each step on the process chart was filled out.

When you had to write down information on the chart, there were several examples. 

The chart was neat and orderly so that you could follow it.

1           2           3  1            2          3  1            2          3 

  Rubric Meanings for the Project Grades

  • 1= No key elements are adequately developed or errors interfere with understand the content.

  • 2= to a limited degree- missing some key points.

  • 3=to a satisfactory degree- all points are covered

  • 4=to a moderately high degree- multiple correct examples given.

  • 5= to an exceptionally high degree- multiple and creative or unique examples given.


The Volcano Project Content Rubric    /25








plates and faults of Japan












description of the kind






examples from your volcano






two pictures correctly inserted







The Volcano Project Writing Rubric       /45








paragraph form






like ideas together






complex sentences






strong verbs/ describing words






spelling and grammar check






verb tense






correct bibliography






picture citations













The Volcano Model Assessment        /15 









Obviously made with a plan in mind but lacked care.


Followed a plan and made sure of most of the details were done.

Followed a clear plan taking care that all the fine details well done.

Relationship to Paper


A few points that could be noted.


Many relationships that can be clearly identified.

Elaborate, linear and non-linear relationships shown.

Color, Spacing

and Neatness


Adequate work.


Each element formed a pleasing balance visually.

Exceptional quality to the selections with obvious creative planning.


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