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Volcano Web Sites


Volcano Web Sites

I have looked over these sites and have put them down for you as value added sites. This means that there is a direct match between the questions you have to research and what is found here. Use these sites first before you go off and explore on your own! 

1. Tectonics and Volcanoes of Japan

2. Japan Volcanoes and Volcanics

3. Map of Active Volcanoes in Japan

4. Volcanoes in Japan from the Global Volcanism Project from the Smithsonian Museum. 

5. Types of Volcanoes and Their Characteristics from Volcano World

6. Volcanoes Alive. List of eruptions of the volcanoes in Japan and current activity.

7. Volcano World by The University of North Dakota 

Volcano Listings The following links will take you to lists of all volcanoes on Volcano World.

8. How to Build Various Types of Volcanoes  from Volcano World.

9. The Visible Earth. Pictures that you can use from Nasa. Be sure to type in the key word, Japan