The Animal that Drank Up Sound

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Reading a poem, and then making it your own, is the heart of this web project generated by my second grade class at the American School in Japan in the spring of 1996. Within the context of our integrated study of sound, the class read William Stafford's picture book The Animal that Drank Up Sound. So that the students could better understand, and assimilate Stafford's poem, the class discussed the poem page by page and then translated it into "kid language". Each page of the ensuing web project was constructed by each student using a stanza from Stafford's poem. Per page, the original stanza is on the right and the students translation on the left with the students original piece of artwork at the top. Each child made their own page along with links to the connecting pages using Front Pad and Kid Pics.  Please click on the picture to view the site.


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