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The Food, Location and Weather Project

The purpose behind this project is to help students understand the food that an area produces is affected by the location, climate, and amount of water found there. Along the way, the children will..

While the whole unit was taught in an interwoven way, the site is broken down into the component parts for better ease of use for adults into a student picture gallery, a social studies page, a science page and a bibliography page. 

The TAS Weather, Sun and Air Unit 2005

Essential Questions:

What makes the weather?
What happens to me when the weather changes?
What would happen if there were no typhoon predictions?
What would happen if there was no sun?

Students will be able to:
- gather information to create and interpret graphs.
- demonstrate their understanding of the stages of the water cycle.
- use a variety of ways to observe and record weather.
- understand how the sun affects air movement.
- predict, explain and draw conclusions from various experiments.
- use observations to write poetry.
- use procedural writing.
Students will know that:
- weather conditions vary from place to place and change daily.
- the significance of the equator as it relates to temperature