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Pepperdine Masters in Educational Technology and Leadership 2006

SDSU Principal Certification




"...leadership is a process by which an individual or individuals in a position of responsibility (a) discern a desired future for the community based on collaboration with members of that community and aligned with their widely held, socially contracted principles and values, and (b) facilitate the realization of that future through decision making, goal setting, persuasion, and setting an example of service to one another and to the common good."  Dick Carpenter


One of the quirks with being located in the southern hemisphere is the flip in seasonal breaks from those of the United States. This has proven to be somewhat daunting if the extended professional growth opportunities are in the northern summer, when here in South America we are already back in school for the winter. But, where there is a will, there is a way. South Dakota State University offers a full on-line principal certification program that does mesh. The projected completion is in the first semester of the 2010-2011 school year. Additional courses from the Principals Training Center and other leadership training seminars will also be undertaken.   

In this site are the files which are representative of some of course work required in each class.


Summer '09: Supervision

*       Leadership.pdf

*       Situational Leadership and Power.pdf

*       The Maintenance of Dignity PowerPoint.pdf


Fall '09: Introduction to School Administration and Practicum

*       Newspaper Summary.pdf

*       School Tour.pdf

*       Real Estate.pdf


Spring '10: The Principalship and Principalship Practicum Supervision

                      School Finance 













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