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The Icemen

The main question this group answered was, "Are the most powerful organizations in Graded and in Brazil alike?" which was a modification of this core society question, "What are the most powerful and important organizations (formal or informal) in this society?"

We found that the most powerful organizations in Brazil and Graded are different in many ways. Most of them are not the same! Economically, taxes are used here in Brazil to pay for the lighting, water and supplies in public places. The taxes are called CDs. The state tax pays for buildings and highways. The federal government pays for public things across the county. In Graded, money is raised by the donations and the tuition which pays for teachers. Special donations paid for things like the Art Center. The basic difference is that Brazil gets money by taxes and Graded gets it by billing. If we looked at the lifestyles of the two groups, things are very different at Graded. Eighty percent of Brazil is poor, eighteen percent is middle class, and two percent is wealthy. In Graded, ninety eight percent are wealthy and two percent are middle class. When we looked at the government, we discovered that there were differences and similarities between the two groups. You can vote for who you want in government and there is one person who leads, the president, Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva. The legislative branch and the executive branch have to give their approval of what the president does. Here in Graded, there are eleven people on the Board called the regents. They are the bosses of the superintendent, Mr. Richard Detwiler, who they hire but the superintendent really runs the school. So, how people come to govern is different but the balances they have are the same. If we looked at all these things- economics, lifestyle and government, for the most part, Graded does not mirror Brazil as a whole.

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Are the things that make the most money for Brazil the same as the things that make money for Graded society?- Iceman 5
Are the lifestyles of people in Brazil the same as the life style of people in Graded society?- Iceman 10 and Iceman 2
Are the reasons the government is powerful in Brazil the same reasons as what makes the Board and Superintendent powerful in Graded?- Iceman 3 and Iceman 6  












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